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HOME BASICS - 10 Pack All-In-One Non-Slip Hanger

HOME BASICS - 10 Pack All-In-One Non-Slip Hanger

Regular price $16.00

Made of durable PP material, with build-in anti-rust metal 360 degree swivel Hook, heavy duty but Slim and sleek design. ideal for all kinds of clothes especially heavy garments such as winter coats.

Product Features:

  • Can add Hangers on the connecting bar in tandem suspension to save space
  • U-Slide for clothes with small neck openings, prevents the collar from stretching so that it can look appropriate and sharp for long.
  • The shoulder line is contoured and processed with TPE material to help preserve clothes shape and features precisely, prevent creasing and slipping, indented notches to hang dresses or skinny tops by their straps.
  • Extra bar to hang ties, scarves, belts, can hang a set of dress, scarf and coat IN ONE SINGLE HANGER